FREE Electroneum (ETN) Mobile Miner. FREE 5 ETN / DAY !

The Electroneum Mobile Miner for Android is live from 5 March 2018.

The Electroneum Mobile Miner is an an app you install on your phone which provides a simulated mining experience. It does not consume a significant amount of your phone’s resources. You are assigned a hashrate according to the particular resources on your phone, but it doesn’t actually use them. Higher hash rates mine more free coins.


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Electroneum aims to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. They already have, and continue working on partnerships with telecom companies in different parts of the world — including the developing world — where a few Electroneum a month could be enough to pay someone’s monthly mobile bill.


Secure and private
Designed for mass adoption
App based mobile mining
Signed agreements with global mobile networks
Provide a digital payment solution to the developing world

Electroneum is currently tradeable on a few cryptocurrency exchanges including one of my favorites, Kucoin, where you can trade it for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Now really is the best time to mine ETN. Why? Because with the crypto market down, ETN is valued at only roughly 2 cents. When the value is low, the miner will pay out more ETN than when the value is high. Keep in mind ETN has been as high as 20 cents, and that is before the miner was even released. Once the market returns to its all time highs and beyond, the miner will likely pay out less ETN’s, so now is the time to mine and maximize your ETN’s, so that when the value increases, you will already have a solid bag.

Install it today from Google play store and earn extra coins on all your mined coins when you enter the code: 428D54 under “Earn Free Coins”

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Electroneum Miner for IOS coming soon.

How to Mine Electroneum

Mining Electroneum on a smartphone is fairly straightforward:

  1. Download the app to your device and create an account on the Electroneum website.
  2. Log into the app using your credentials.
  3. Go to the Miner tab at the bottom and click the Start Mining button.

That’s it! Your phone will now start mining. It will show your hash rate (the speed at which your device is mining) as well as the pending balance (how many coins have been mined) on the screen.

So let’s discuss how this all works…

The Mobile Mining Experience

While mining for Electroneum, your phone won’t be performing real mining (as is done with a computer), but rather a simulation of mining.

Instead of actually using your phone’s CPU to solve complicated cryptographic problems, the app will continually monitor the available CPU power on your phone. In this way, it will determine the amount of CPU power that could have been used for mining, had the phone actually been mining.

Your phone will then be issued with a hash rate (speed of mining, if you will) based on its available CPU power. This value will typically be between 30 and 50 H/s (hashes per second). ETN coins will be credited to your online wallet based on this hash rate.

In addition to mining, the app can also be used to manage your online Electroneum wallet, send and receive ETN, and view live ETN exchange rates.


How Much Power and Data Does the App Use?

According to Electroneum’s CEO, Richard Ells, the app will not use a lot of power since the app due to it being a simulation of mining. Therefore, your phone will not heat up, use a lot of battery power, or become worn out due to mining activities.

I’ve been running the miner app on my Galaxy S8 for a few days now, and have seen virtually no difference in my phone’s battery performance. The screenshot below shows the following statistics:

  • The miner has used 10% of battery power since last being charged.
  • The miner has used 107MB of RAM memory in the last 3 hours, less than 4% of the available RAM.

Data Usage

The app will also not use a lot of data, according to Richard Ells. Data will be required to communicate with the server for account balances and transactions but will be kept to a minimum.

Richard mentioned that the data usage will be low enough to enable mining by users in third-world countries with high data costs.

In roughly 30 days, the app on my phone has used 4.66MB of data, most of which was used to send Electroneum and check live prices.


How Much Can I Expect to Mine?

Most people have reported earning around 6 to 10 ETN per day on their mobiles. However, the greatest factor in determining how much you can mine is the speed, or hash rate, of your phone.  30 h/s is 3 ETN Day (slowest phones) and 50 h/s is 5 ETN Day (Fast phones)

The app will continually read your phone’s available CPU power and adjust the mining rate accordingly. Therefore, playing a CPU-intensive game will consume more CPU capacity on your device. This will result in less CPU power being available, and therefore the app will assign a lower mining rate to your phone.

It will, therefore, be best to terminate any unnecessary apps that may run in the background.

The actual amount of coins will be calculated via an emission algorithm on Electroneum’s servers and will depend on several factors, such as:

  • the amount of Electroneum transactions being performed worldwide
  • the number of active miners worldwide
  • the current exchange rate of Electroneum

The pool of coins reserved for mobile mining will be independent of those coins reserved for computer mining. Therefore, any change in the computer mining difficulty won’t translate to the mobile mining pool, and vice versa. In addition, the Electroneum whitepaper mentioned that any coins left over from the Initial Coin Offering (about 2 billion) will supplement the coins that can be mined by mobile users.

The team will adjust the mining rate to be in the best interest of rapid user growth.

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Be the first to download HODL Rocket! The first mobile gaming app that will eventually allow you to earn electroneum (and potentially future cryptocurrencies) based on your score. Earn 1 ETN for every 1000 coins you earned with the game.

How to earn Free Electroneumfgdfgfd

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2. DM us your game username (once you create one) and your wallet address which can be found when logging into your electroneum wallet. Please send a message to us as soon as possible with this information, so we may save it to our database directly.

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4. REMEMBER, FOR EVERY 1,000 IN-GAME COINS YOU EARN IT EQUALS 1 ETN. So, for instance, if you score 20,000 IN-GAME COINS for this week 20 ETN will be sent to your wallet Sunday at midnight and through the week if we’re not able to send it exactly on Sunday, but you will be compensated if you reach our threshold 100%. Please note that also on Sunday at midnight, the leaderboards will reset, so you may start earning again for next week and so on and so fourth until further notice.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know down below or just message us. #TeamHODLRocket FacebookTwitter


Electroneum News

ISS POS With Electroneum Instant Payment System

According to Ells, in October, Electroneum plans to start marketing for the first time since the ICO. The marketing efforts will aim to bring on vendors and new corporate partners. If successful, Ells believes these to be the first steps towards mass adoption.

Big Interview with the Ceo of Electroneum Richard Ells

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Electroneum Interview Part 2! KYC Confusion, Other Cryptos and Patent Protection!

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Electroneum Interview Finale! iOS, Cloud Mining and Push Notifications


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